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Forest Friday | eCommerce & Branding

Forest Friday – The Handmade Company, was a home-based soap brand maker who emphasized on using natural and gentle ingredients to curb problematic and allergic skin issues.


Website Design


Concept Ideation

Forest Friday featured clean look for a contemporary and easy to navigate on the site. The primary ingredients of the soap making were natural herbs, flowers and plants. For the UI and packaging design, I did hand drawing using silhouettes and abstracts of plants and flowers to keep the overall look and feel looking fresh and modern, as well as incorporating the brand’s objective. 


Product Photography

The client used natural ingredients that were the main focus of its products. Highlighting these attributes, I used organic herbs such as slices of lemons, real dried flowers and plants, and organic powders as product props during the photography shoot.

Packaging Design

The client deliberately wrapped the packaging design using a transparent cling wrapper to show off the rough textures or finished product of the soap. I resolved the packaging design to be 2/3 covered so that the textures of the soap can be seen.

Since most of the bar soaps were dark-colored, all the packing designs were taken into consideration to be white on the main and back covers for better contrast.

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Studio: Creative Code Studio
Website Design: Noora Attia Branding & Concepts: Noora Attia

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