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interactive window disPLAY | Art Installation

Location: Retail Lab, De Montfort University (UK)

The interactive window disPLAY project concept was to create an interaction between the audiences and the installation. The digital-floral display was projected onto a screen, but disappears when the audiences ‘touched’ them. The disappearance of the digital flowers responded to audiences’ movements when they walked pass the window panel. This creates an engaging experience and sensorial experiences that allows street audiences to “play” and interact with the brand on display. The installation was further enhanced with subtle and non-interactive projection mapping that was mapped onto the dress’ ornaments.

The project was coded using Processing, and floral graphics were designed and animated using Adobe Flash.


The prototype serves as part of the design process to assess the installation’s performance. During the prototype design process, a lot of creative thought processes are put into considerations with regards to the use of appropriate material and how it ultimately interact with the hardware.

The paper mannequin prototype was made up of cardboards.

During the prototype testing stage, participants were seen interacting with the falling flowers projected onto the screen. The projections were also proven to be very clear on screen.

The Installation Setup

The visual design for the window display was planned out to its simplest form. Several steps were taken to ensure that every detail, from operating till display the product or visual element was met.

Planning on the space available for the installation at Retail Lab.

The Exhibit

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interactive window disPLAY

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